Urban art in the wooded trails of Marquette, Michigan.

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You are here. But it would mean a lot to me if you headed to Moonsail North as well.

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My grown-up professional profile.

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I love the freedom of Twitter’s 140 characters. You get a little bit of everything if you follow this account — tweets about work, industry trends, yoga, salsa dancing, meditation, life as an introvert, the challenges of a Sriracha addiction, and, when it’s late enough at night and I know no one’s actually looking, thoughts posted for the purposes of journaling rather than communicating with anyone else. (If you’ve already been following me, please note that I was @rose101 before changing my handle in 2013 to @thecuriousrose.)

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journeys // aesthetics // sustenance // ramblings // I am captivated by the beauty and impermanence of it all.

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Here are links for my ashtanga yoga blog and related accounts. Photos from my trip to India in January 2014 are here on Flickr.

Much of the rest

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This account documents my journeys of the gastronomic and traveling variety. It’s also where I indulge my fascination with aesthetics — mainly of typography and tarot. And then there’s my #Sherlock obsession…
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It still feels like a ghost town on Google+, but we all know Google owns the world, so we might as well stake our little plot there. I use Google+ to catch up on tech news and share work and personal links.

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The most I can say about Instagram is that I’m on it now and then.

(Photo: Urban art in the wooded trails of Marquette, Michigan. Taken July 2014)